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Can I try on MagLock Sunglasses before I buy?

Yes. if you want to check out how our MagLocks would look on you, we have a virtual mirror that can show you! Choose the frame you're interested in, click on Virtual Try-On and we'll do the rest. By using your camera, the virtual mirror will recognize your facial features and place the sunglasses correctly so that you can see how they would work for you. Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 1.52.26 PM.png


  • As you try on frames, you can select your favorites to save them for easy shopping. 
  • Clicking the cart icon will take you to the product page to view full details for that frame style. 
  • To easily scroll through all MagLock styles in the same window, select "Sunglasses" from the hidden menu on the top left.



The default pupillary distance (PD) is set to an average distance of 63—but yours could range anywhere from 45 to 75 mm. If the PD is set too wide for your face, the glasses will appear smaller than they actually are. In order for them to appear accurately, click on the gear icon to either "Start automatic PD measurement" or follow the instructions to measure your own with a ruler and mirror. You can then adjust the slider to set your PD (which can also be found on your glasses prescription if you have that hanging around).



If the camera appears to be loading but isn't showing your face, be sure to select "Allow Camera" in your desktop browser's pop-up:



Distil Union does not store or save information collected while using the virtual mirror. Facial measurements and scans are used only to show the frames while the tool is in use. Your camera will turn off when the Auglio app is closed and minimized, and also when you navigate away from the product page.


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