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Wally's Adhesive: Past and Present

Wally is a little two-faced. You see, In early 2013, we introduced Wally with two types of backings included: Micro-suction came installed already, and there's a separate panel called Alternahesive™ to confuse you. Just kidding (though some found it confusing). Alternahesive was our Kickstarter Stretch Goal, and we love it because it's a little stickier than Micro-suction, so it works with a wider range of cases.

Micro-suction: Only on Kickstarter and pre-order Wallys

Case Compatibility - Works with your naked iPhone or with gloss finished cases. Does not work with textured, silicone, leather, or fabric cases.

Removable - Can be placed and replaced many times. It will gradually loose its stick-ability with use but can be recharged using scotch tape to lift dust off its surface. It works best if left on your phone or case. 

Residue? - Micro-suction is a pretty cool material. It leaves no residue because it's not an adhesive. Instead, it's a surface with thousands of tiny pores that act like little suction cups.

Alternahesive: All Currently Shipping Wallys 

Case Compatibility - Works with high gloss finishes, matte, and TPU or TPE rubber cases and your naked phone. Does not work with Silicone, leather, or fabric cases. Not recommended for highly textured cases such as those that have been "bedazzled".



Repositionable - Can be removed and repositioned but care must be taken to keep dust and debris away from the sticky surface. It is recommended that you apply it to your phone or case and leave it on. Only occasionally remove, like when you get a new case, and keep him clean by sticking to a clean mirror or window between uses.

Residue? - Alternahesive is designed to be repositionable many times. Because of this, it is leaves very little if any residue. If any is left, it can easily be wiped off with a finger, no need for any solvents. 

Your Wally doesn't stick anymore? No problem, Wally can be easily brought back to life! Just grab a few extra adhesive sheets for your Wally. Double-sided tape works in the meantime if you're in a bind!

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