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HELP: My Wally's Having Trouble Sticking

If you're having any trouble getting Wally to stay down, here are a few things to try. In this order: 

1. Card load - Start with 2
Wally's leather needs time to relax and stretch. We recommend starting with only 2 cards to avoid the strain on the leather's ends caused by a tight pocket being stretched too quickly.

If your Wally is new and you're having trouble with 3 cards soon after you apply your new Wally, try carrying only 2! Before inserting that third card, take a couple of days to get Wally to really stick on your iPhone by rubbing the leather and pressing on the trouble spots. 

2. Time - At least overnight 
Alternahesive is designed to be easily applied and removed so you don't have to stress about sticking it on perfectly the first time :) The grip is stronger after being on your phone for 48 hours, so we recommend leaving Wally on and empty at least overnight. Then, only insert 2 cards and get Wally to really stick on your iPhone or case by rubbing and pressing the leather in place before adding that third card. 

3. Replace your Alternahesive - Packs are available here. Take out your cards and lay Wally flat. You can remove the old adhesive, or simply add a fresh sheet right on top of the old one! Tip: In the meantime, here's a quick-fix DIY

If your Wally is already a bit broken in, apply Wally with your cards inside. This will start you off with a well-formed pocket, which makes it less likely for the ends to be pulled upwards by the force caused by tight leather. 


After you've tried the above, you can try this DIY to stretch the leather and reduce upward strain on Wally's Alternahesive:
With all of your cards inserted into the pocket, use a damp sponge or finger to rub a little water along the edges of the pocket. This will relax the leather and enable it to accommodate another card, making it less likely for the ends to be pulled upwards by the force caused by a tight leather pocket. Read the more detailed How To article here.

WARNING: Once the leather is stretched out, it's difficult to shrink the leather to carry a smaller load, so only do this if you know you will always carry this many cards.


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