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What Can Wally Stick-On Carry?

We recommend carrying no more than 3 cards or a similar sized load, such as: 

ID + 2 credit cards 
2 cards + a bill (folded twice)
4 business cards
Subway card + 2 folded bills
You get the idea :) 

Carrying more than the recommended load is not advised. Too much can cause Wally's adhesive to pull away from your iPhone. It can also stretch the leather – okay if you always carry more, but a loose fit means you risk losing cards when carrying less. 

If you're always going to carry more, start with only 2 or 3 cards, and gradually add one more at a time. Either this, or you may consider stretching the leather: Learn how in this post.

PRO TIP: Use Apple Pay and apps like Dashlane to digitize your contents and carry less. Read our post "The Fat Wallet Fix: Our Top 4 Tips to Carry a Wallet That's Half the Size" to learn more!



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