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How is Wally Case different from Wally Stick-On?

Think of Wally Case as the original stick-on Wally’s protective big brother: Wally Case provides all the functionality of Wally Stick-On's discreet and minimal wallet, plus added protection. Wally Case is made of solid polycarbonate (the same thing race car windshields are made of) combined with premium leather, with the attention to detail that only the originators of Wally can deliver. 

Also, Wally Case can carry more than Stick-On simply because of the construction: the leather has been bonded to the case, which alleviates the upward strain on the adhesive caused by inserting too much into the leather pocket. What, TMI? Wally Stick-On is recommended for 2 or 3 cards, while the Case can carry 3 or more.

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