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DIY: Stretch Your Wally

Wally Case and Wally Stick-On are all about minimizing what you carry every day. But we understand that for some, 2 or 3 cards just isn't enough. If you're always going to carry more than 3 cards, you can stretch the leather:

- Start with 2 cards in the pocket
- Wet the outside of the leather pocket with a damp finger or sponge
- Add another card to stretch the leather just a bit...  
- After the leather dries, your Wally is ready to comfortably and securely carry the new, larger load!

WARNING: Once the leather is stretched out, it's difficult to shrink the leather to carry a smaller load. 

Repeat the process to carry another card more. Here, check out this image someone sent us of their very professional DIY stretch job -- now their Wally Case can carry 6 or 7 cards!

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