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DIY: Stretch Your Wally Case

WARNING: Once the leather is stretched out, you can't shrink the leather to carry a smaller load. 

Wally Case is all about minimizing what you carry every day. But we understand that, for some folks, a couple of cards just isn't enough. If you're always going to carry more than 3 cards, you can stretch the leather:

- Start with 3 cards in the pocket
- Wet the outside of the leather pocket with a damp finger or sponge
- Add another card to stretch the leather just a bit...  
- After the leather dries (slowly, out of the sun) your Wally is ready to comfortably and securely carry the new, larger load!
Repeat the process to carry another card more.

Check out this rather pro DIY -- and don't forget, once your Wally is stretched out, he's going to stay that way...

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