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HOW TO: Apply a New Wally Stick-On

So you have your brand new Wally Stick-On iPhone Wallet, but you need a little help getting started. 

Luckily, we made a detailed video to show you the process!

Before we begin just a remember to start with only 2-3 cards. Wally can hold more, but remember: once the leather stretches, it is going to stay stretched.

The process is really quite easy.

  • Begin by unpacking your Wally while admiring how easy it was. No scissors or plastic cuts!

  • Feel free to look over the instructions included with card in your Wally, those are the steps which will be covered in this article.

  • All you will need is the empty wallet - the remaining booklets and packaging can be set aside.

  • Now to show your phone a little attention. Be sure to clean the back of it (or your case) well. You might consider using a cloth dampened with water to guarantee you have thoroughly cleaned all debris, dust or oils off of the surface.

  • Avoid using any cleaners or solvents! These can damage your device or case and leave a residue which could interfere with the adhesive.

  • Now to remove the protective backing from Wally's Alternahesive. Take care to keep this clean!

  • Take your time lining up the edges of your Wally Stick-On so that it is centered. It is easiest to start on one side slowly lay it down and finish by adjusting the side you started with originally. Our Alternahesive is adjustable, so you can easily make small adjustments!

  • Now to rub and rest. Be sure your Wally is firmly adhered to the surface. For best results we recommend allowing everything to rest for a few hours or even overnight.

Now you're good to go!! Tips for going forward:
For the next week or so, keep an eye on your Wally and consider giving him a good rub! Pay extra attention to the edges of the card pocket and corners. This helps to encourage a long-lasting hold.


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