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HOW TO: Adjust Wally's Money Clip (Versions 1-3 Only)

The money clip in the first 3 generations of the Wally Bifold and Wally Euro has self-adjusting tension so that bills are held securely with no need to lift the clip.

Unfortunately, a money clip can arrive over tightened, causing Wally to be a little out of shape: 

Luckily, there's a simple fix for this in just a few steps:

  1. Simply open the wallet
  2. Raise the clip
  3. Rotate the clip counter-clockwise

You will feel the tension release and hear a "POP". The clip should now move freely back and forth.

Further counter-clockwise rotation of the clip will decrease the tension against the wallet, depending on how fat your stack of bills is. Rotate it clockwise to increase the tension.

NOTE: Do not to over loosen the clip. A loose clip cannot securely hold your bills.

For best results:

Rotate clockwise until you feel resistance, reverse slightly and then check. You should find that the tension is such that your bills are secure and can still be slid under the clip (without needing to lift the clip).

Below is our HOW TO video explaining this process.


NOTE: The money clip in RFID Edition wallets does not rotate. If you have issues with your RFID Edition clip, please contact us for a replacement clip.

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    Scott Lutes


    I saw a video you posted on the money clip wallet attachment. I took the clip art and think I lost the ball bearing.. do you know where I can buy a new one?
    If so please email me at your convenience.

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    Hi Scott,


    Hope you received our email. We can certainly send you a money clip kit. Please reach out to us at if you didn't receive our email.




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