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DIY: Money Clip Fix (Versions 1-3 only)

Rarely, a Wally Bifold or Wally Euro will show unusual problems with the money clip – beyond the common Clip Tension adjustment. If your money clip is off-center and tight, simply turn your clip counter-clockwise as shown in this Article.

Here is how to fix your clip if it's either:

  • Loose or floppy (unable to hold money)
  • Stuck or frozen (will not raise or lower)

The issue to fix is the assembly of the clip, which is actually made up of four separate pieces:

  1. Hinged clip 
  2. Tiny ball bearing 
  3. Small inner spring
  4. Flexible spine


To disassemble your clip, simply unscrew the upper portion until it is free from the lower spring.

TAKE CARE: The inner components are very small and easily lost. 

Your clip must have all of these components for proper function, and must be assembled in the order shown above. If the ball bearing and small spring are not in the correct order, the clip will become stuck. 

If you find that the inner components were incorrectly assembled, simply rearrange as shown in the photo above (our video below will walk you through the process).


However, if you are missing a piece of your clip, or are having issues with your RFID Edition clip (which does not adjust), please contact us for a replacement clip.

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