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DIY: Money Clip Take Apart

We have heard from a few customers who were experiencing unusual problems with the money clip on their Wally Bifold or Wally Euro.

Note: These issues went beyond the more common Clip Tension feature covered in: This Article  

Symptoms Include:

  • Loose Clip (unable to old Money)
  • Stuck Clip (will not raise or lower)
  • Or some combination

If you are experiencing these issue the problem is likely in the assembly of the clip.

The Clip you see is actually just the upper portion of a larger structure within your wallet. 

This component is actually made up of a four separate pieces:

  • Large spring (which is within the wallet)
  • Upper clip component
  • Small inner spring
  • Tiny ball bearing


To disassemble your clip simply unscrew the upper portion until it is free from the lower spring.

TAKE CARE: The inner components are very small and easily lost. 

Your clip must have all of these components for proper function. They must also be assemed in the order shown above. 

IMPORTANT: If the ball bearing and small spring are not in the correct order the clip will become stuck!

If you find that the inner components were incorrectly assembled simply rearrange the small spring and ball bearing. However, if you discover that you are missing one of both of these contact us.

To further help here is our DIY video:

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