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HOW TO: Change your Wally's Alternahesive

We worked closely with 3M™ to develop a unique blend of two adhesive products for Wally Stick-On’s Alternahesive™. These offer you a repositionable and durable hold for your Wally Stick-On. 

Alternahesive is built to last, but you may find edges lifting if:
- if there were oils present on your phone or case during first application 
- if you inserted cards sooner than 8hrs after first application
- if you carried more than 2 cards at first
- if you often remove and reapply your Wally Stick-On (note: you should keep him on a clean window or mirror between uses)

If you're experiencing adhesive issues, it may be time for an Alternahesive™ replacement. We offer a Wally Alternahesive™ Recharge Pack which comes with two fresh Alternahesives™ and some helpful instructions.

We also made a helpful video to demonstrate the steps:

After this quick replacement your Wally will be refreshed and hold like the day it came out of the packaging. Here's a rundown of the steps:

  • Empty and remove your Wally Stick-On from your iPhone and peel off the existing Alternahesive™ (it may be clear or black). Be sure to remove any stubborn sticky pieces so you're left with a pure, clean leather back.

  • Carefully remove the printed side of the new Alternahesive™ and apply this to the back of your Wally Stick-On. With firm pressure rub out any air pockets.

  • From here, follow the steps for applying a Wally Stick-On for the first time. If you need a reminder check out that article, here. Remember: Clean your iPhone!!

PRO TIP: This is also an excellent way to refresh your Wally for a tighter pocket if you started carrying more cards but would like to carry less and find that the leather has stretched.

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