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Will my cards fall out? (FlexLock versions only)

The latest series of Wally wallets features our patent-pending FlexLock™ design, solving the #1 complaint about leather wallets: lost cards due to stretched out leather.

A leather pocket with a flexible spring-steel creates a subtle grip of tension that works in perfect harmony with the pull-tab to reveal your cards stored securely inside. With FlexLock, despite leather's tendency to stretch, your contents are secured inside – check out this shake test:

Even with FlexLock guarding your cards, because it's not possible to shrink leather without negatively affecting how it looks and feels, we still urge you to be conscious of what you stuff into your Wally. Carry only your essentials– think slim to stay slim.

FlexLock is available on our Wally Bifold, Wally Sleeve, and Wally Euro wallets.

The original style of our Wally Bifold and Sleeve were an open-ended design for easy card access using the Wally Pull-Tab. Ideally when carried and accessing cards, the opening is oriented upwards. Cards may fall out when the wallet is turned upside-down, especially if you're carrying fewer cards than usual as leather is prone to stretching. 

This is also true of the Wally for iPhone. If you have a loose pocket, the easiest solution is to carry an extra business card or two. But if this is not an option for you, carry only the cards you wish to carry and simply be aware of how you hold the wallet.


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