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Making the most of your minimal Wally Wallet

Now for the good stuff – FREE ADVICE! To get the best out of your Wally Wallet:

1) Slim down
before you switch wallets 
Leather is strong, and it does stretch. Prevent your Wally from “over-stretching” by taking a moment to select
only your essential cards you use every day. Do not overload Wally with too many cards, because that will stretch Wally out – the key is to think slim to stay slim:

2) Go Digital to Get Slim! Our Top Apps for a Skinny Wallet
From loyalty cards to that stranger's business card, the wallet you carry in your pocket everyday is the last place that needs to collect unnecessary bulk. Not only do fat bulges in your back pocket look bad and cause damage to your clothing (and not to mention your lower back), these days there's just no need for hauling a Costanza clunker around with you every day:

3) Your Wally actually gets slimmer
After just a week or so, you’ll notice Wally’s leather softens and conforms to your cards. This is especially true of the Bifold and Euro versions. Over time the leather will darken and develop a certain sheen, or patina, becoming your own unique Wally Wallet – and resulting in an even slimmer Wally than it appears right out the box. 

Our Top FAQs for Wallys can be found here:
Leather Care
Preventing Loose Pockets
Adjusting Wally Bifold's Money Clip
Applying your Wally Stick-On

Welcome to the slim wallet party! 
- The DU Team

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