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Does Wally provide RFID protection?

While we do offer RFID-shielded options for some of our Wally wallets, the default design keeps the skimming layer out to keep the construction as slim and light as possible. But why would we skimp on safety? Well, after careful research into the "threat" of RFID theft, we agree with Washington's Top News to "spend your cash elsewhere." 

There are a few more good reasons we skip it:

1.) The majority of credit cards aren't RFID.

2.) Most card companies protect you against fraudulent charges.

3.) There are better ways to protect yourself against valid fraud concerns.


Moreover, NFC cards (subway, work key-cards, etc) can be read wirelessly through your wallet. By not using an RFID-blocking wallet, you can enjoy tap-and-go convenience without having to remove these common cards from your wallet.

But as these RFID-blocking wallets become popular, we offer a shielded version for those of you seeking peace of mind. 

To learn ways to truly protect yourself against fraud, here's a quick and helpful read: RFID: To Block, or Not To Block. 

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