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Does Wally provide RFID protection?

Our Wallys do not have RFID-blocking because this would add bulk to the slim construction, and there are a few more good reasons:

1.) Your cards most likely aren't RFID.

2.) Most cards protect you against fraudulent charges.

3.) There are better ways to protect yourself against actual fraud.

BONUS! There's a real benefit to not blocking your cards:

Many people carry cards (subway, work key-cards, etc) that can be read wirelessly through your wallet. By not using RFID-blocking, you can enjoy tap-and-go convenience without having to remove these common cards from your wallet. And so for convenience and to keep our wallets slim, we skip it. 

To learn more about our decision regarding our decision to not include it, here's a quick and helpful read: "Think You Need RFID Blocking? Think Again.

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