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HELP: My Payment Has Been Declined [AVS error]!

Often payments that have been declined will receive the message that "the transaction has been declined because of an AVS (address verification system) mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder."

Our system is reading that the billing address being entered doesn’t match what the card company has on file. (While it's a good thing that fraud for us and our customers is being stopped thanks to these security measures, it's frustrating to you and to us that you’re having trouble as an honest shopper!)

Thankfully there are a number of ways to fix this:
- be sure the billing address you enter matches the credit card you’re using (you can contact your bank to verify the address)
- make sure your browser’s auto-fill is not incorrectly completing one or more of the fields
- try a different card; or
- Paypal (**this has definitely been the most successful solution that we've heard from customers who had the same issue**)

If after trying these options, you still can't get through, let us know at

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    Hi. Currently im encounter this problems. Mayb i did use auto fill of the address. And now im stuck whether transaction is done or not. And my bank already froze the amount. Please advice

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    Foto guardada

    Paid and error

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