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Wally Stick-On not available for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Guess what the Wally Stick-On doesn't reliably adhere to?
a.) A bowl of Jello
b.) The ocean
c.) iPhone 7 or 7 Plus
d.) All of the above

Unfortunately, the answer is d. Wally cannot stick to any of the above. The new iPhones have a coating that, at this time, no non-permanent adhesive is able to attach to – and we don't want Wally to be permanent... (more about this below).

The Sticky Issue 
After testing the iPhone 7 with our 3M repositionable adhesive, we were disappointed with its hold. There is an impressive new finish on the newest iPhones that resists any repositionable adhesive to the point where the ends of the Wally will not reliably stick #ThanksApple. So we hope you will find the usefulness you need in our Wally Case instead.

The Exciting News
With a small but significant change to the design (no adhesive beneath the card pocket edges), Wally Stick-On is making a comeback for the iPhone X! Thanks to our manufacturing partners, we found an adhesive that isn't permanent and doesn't leave any residue. We were so sad to see Wally skip an iPhone generation, we made it our mission to bring him back whenever possible.

Nate + Lindsay
Distil Union

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