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Wally Stick-On not available for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Guess what the Wally Stick-On doesn't reliably adhere to?
a.) A bowl of Jello
b.) The ocean
c.) iPhone 7 or 7 Plus
d.) All of the above

Unfortunately, the answer is d. Wally cannot stick to any of the above :( The new iPhones have a coating that, at this time, no non-permanent adhesive is able to attach to – and we don't want Wally to be permanent... (more about this below).

So when Apple gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Meet Wally Ether: a clear, barely there snap-on shell case with integrated Wally leather wallet. While we're sad to see the original Wally come to an end, it's ultimately a win/win. 

The Sticky Issue 
After testing the iPhone 7 with our 3M repositionable adhesive, we were disappointed with its hold. There is an impressive new finish on the newest iPhones that resists any repositionable adhesive to the point where the ends of the Wally will not reliably stick #ThanksApple.

So we've made the right decision to abandon the original 3M™ stick-on method. Instead, the leather Wally pocket is now permanently adhered to a 1mm thin barely there shell case that's crystal clear, completely eliminating the issue of Wally not sticking. 

The spirit of the Wally Stick-On has always been minimalism, and Wally Ether continues that tradition while offering a whisper of protection and better card-carrying experience. We're excited about Wally Ether. It's still the best iPhone wallet solution for those of us who don't like cases.

Nate + Lindsay
Distil Union

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