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Wally Stick-On: How to Apply to Your iPhone X

This helpful video will show you how to put on your Wally Stick-On for iPhone X:

Follow the instructions on the printed card included with Wally Stick-On.

1) Clean the back of your iPhone. 
2) Remove Wally’s clear backing. 
3) Align, press and rub to apply to your phone. 
4) Allow 24 hours for bond to reach full strength.

NOTE: There are areas that do not have adhesive -- this is intentional! The design allows the leather to form around your cards; otherwise, the force would cause Wally to lift and pull away from your iPhone. Be aware of this slight gap (e.g. don’t let it catch on your pocket) while giving the leather about a week to relax and conform to your cards and iPhone for the perfect fit.


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