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What's a KeyMod Click versus a KeyMod Stick?

In order to accommodate the majority of keys that people carry, we created two types of KeyMods: KeyMod Click and KeyMod Stick:  

KeyMods work like double-sided magnetic snaps: The nesting design makes a magnet-to-magnet connection that's incredibly strong and allows for rotation. They are made with neodymium magnets and nylon well-known for its durability and abrasion resistance. 

KeyMod Click is a bent spring-steel clip that your key CLICKS into. Inspired by Japanese stationery clips, the KeyMod Click is lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. Twist your key into place, and roll to remove it (handy if your friend needs to borrow a key to put on their own infernal key ring). 

KeyMod Stick is a 3M adhesive that will STICK to any coated or bulky keys (over 3mm) that won't fit themselves into a KeyMod Click.

This guide will help you pick the KeyMod that pairs best with your key:




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