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Will my keys work with Ferris?

Yes, the vast majority of keys will work with KeyMods:

  • KeyMod Clicks work with metal keys up to 3mm thick (your average key is 2mm thick). Twist your key into place, and rock n' roll to remove it. Clicks are handy if you frequently need to remove your key to loan to someone who doesn't have Ferris.
  • KeyMod Sticks work with an even wider variety of keys, including both metal and plastic-coated keys. Sticks are handy to add magnetic functionality to your keys – store them on the fridge instead of in the junk drawer, for example – and of course in any Ferris cover.

For everything else, there's FobRing (included with KeyLoop and KeyFolio). The custom-made carrier for your car fob, Tile tracker, and other similar items that are too thick or too long (over 62mm) to be carried inside the KeyLoop or KeyFolio.

Behold, a hands-on demo for each of the KeyMods:


If you're uncertain, this guide will help you pick the KeyMod that pairs best with your key:

Click to enlarge.

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