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Ferris Fix: How to keep keys from rotating outwards

If you'd like to adjust how easily the keys rotate out of your cover, you can use this simple fix to add friction:

  1. Use Superglue (not gel) to lay a bead of glue around the edge, where the plastic meets the magnet. You can use another magnet to help widen the gap so that glue flows in more easily. 
  2. Once glue is applied, clean up excess glue with a Q-tip. 
  3. Then, press collar firmly against magnet until glue dries. 
  4. Test by using another magnet to make sure spinning has stopped. 

    Note: You can also apply the same method to the female magnet on the cover (KeyLoop, KeyFolio, and ModWallet) if there's still not enough friction to prevent spinning.

Check out this quick video to see exactly how it is done:

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